Cex Finance


The Cex Finance team has decided to utilize Genesis Pools for launch, similar to the origins of other yield farming protocols to foster initial protocol liquidity. We believe Genesis pools provide investors with value preservation, shielding them from 'sniper' bots and effectively decentralising liquidity from being in the hands of a core team. The chosen tokens for Genesis and their $CUSD allocations are as follows:
  • CUSD - BUSD LP - 72.34 %
  • BUSD - 8.73 %
  • BNB - 7.27 %
  • ETH - 5.82 %
  • USDT - 5.82 %
Genesis is the start of the protocol where users stake chosen tokens and earn some part of the initial limited supply of $CUSD. There is only 13740 $CUSD initially minted, and all those go-to initial Genesis stakers. There is 1% deposit fee.
Last modified 2mo ago